Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is making sure your site is setup so that the worlds search engines are able to easily index your site, so that you can be found by your potential and current clients. If you aren't listed in the top search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo etc. how will anyone be able to find your web site. Not only that, but if you are on page 3, or lower of the results you may as well not be listed either.

There are many ways to optimize a web site for search engines, and some methods like cloaking can do more harm than good. Some SEO tricks that may have been used in the past can now cause your site to be banned from Google, and that defiantly something you don't want to happen.

Everyone wants to be in the top 5 results of all the search engines, especially google, so depending on the keywords you want to focus on, and the competition for those words, that can be relatively low, or extremely high. The more competition for your chose keywords, the harder it is going to be to get top results. Try doing a search for words you would want your site to be found with and look on the right side where it says how many pages were found. If there are three million sites using those words, you need to stand out from the rest, and just having a site won't necessarily do that for you.

Bear Media has experience getting results for our clients. SEO often can cost as much as your web site, but if no-one can find you, what is the point in having it. SEO can be done in stages and levels though, so if you don't have a large budget, even some SEO work can help. As you see results you may then decide to invest more into SEO. Contact us to get a free assessment and estimate to improve the results of your web site. Your site might not require as much work as you think, and sometimes just a small tweak can make a big difference.

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